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The two Fujian dolphins stranded Beach police joint rescue back to the sea (map) – Beijing new network in Ningde in September 13, (if ye leafy) within a day, an injured dolphin, actually in the same place two stranded, but fortunately the joint relief, to return to the sea smoothly. Fujian Fuding Tailao Shan Zhen relevant responsible person said on the 13, the area has repeatedly appeared in the dolphins play, also appeared the stranded dolphins, whale. It is understood that 12, 8 am, a town in Monterey Bay fishermen Taimushan Village Beach reef picking shells, found a stranded dolphin lying on the rocks, constantly swinging tail, mouth issued a howling sound, its jaws, fins and tail right have been scratching traces of rocks. At the scene of the Qin Island border police and fishermen immediately contacted the marine fisheries sector, and the scene of the dolphins watering, appease. Subsequently, the Marine Fisheries Department staff to check the dolphin’s injury, found that it does not matter, together with a belt as a tool to pick up the injured dolphins, pushed back to the sea. Pictured injured dolphins stranded beach. However, the United States and the United States, however, it is surprising that the same day 13:15, the local villagers found dolphins back to the Bay beach. When reporters arrived at the scene to see a dolphin show the body at sea from time to time, always move forward courageously, but due to heavy seas, every time washed back to the beach. Subsequently, the border police once again carried the dolphins to the beach, the surrounding villagers also brought a bucket and fish food, while the water to the dolphins, while the small fish fed to dolphins. Figure for the view of dolphin injury. Jiangshan beauty photo for the sea belongs to the high tide time, the dolphins can swim back to the sea, the surrounding villagers have used their own fishing boats, the rope in the dolphin tail, the villagers slowly drove the ship dolphin to the sea. (end)相关的主题文章:

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