The capital outside the province is optimistic about the potential of Wanjiang Wanjiang indus 大兴安岭职业学院吧

Foreign capital optimistic about the potential of   industry development in Wanjiang Wanjiang; Venture Investment Fund — Anhui Channel – according to Anhui Daily reported this year 5 month, Anhui and Jiangsu cooperation by building high-tech industrial development in Wanjiang Anhui venture investment fund in the opening, the total size of 100 billion yuan, the fund will provide for the enterprise the Wanjiang Economic Zone financial support to accelerate the integrated development of the Yangtze River delta. It is reported that the location of Wanjiang Industrial Development Fund for the Anhui province Wanjiang economic zone will be through investment, equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, cultivating a number of pillar industries and backbone enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of the whole industry in Anhui. Fund size of 10 billion yuan in Anhui Province Investment Group, Jiangsu high tech investment group and Ping An Bank as a cornerstone investor. Positioning of the fund for the Anhui province Wanjiang Economic Zone Investment by way of equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, cultivating a number of pillar industries and backbone enterprises. This means that the is becoming the focus of the capital market, Wanjiang demonstration area is constantly injected wealth. The capital favored, because the potential should not be underestimated. Wanjiang economic zone is to promote the implementation of the key development area of the rise of the central region strategy is an important part of the Yangtze River Delta region. After 6 years of hard work, greatly enhance the economic strength of Wanjiang demonstration zone, optimize the industrial structure, the innovation ability is enhanced, more favorable ecological environment, people’s living standards improved significantly. In 2015, Wanjiang demonstration area GDP reached 1 trillion and 463 billion 930 million yuan, the proportion of the province accounted for more than 66%. The deeper reason is: Wanjiang demonstration area is in our province, and promote the forefront of transfer "has become the main engine of economic development in Anhui. As of the end of 2015, Wanjiang demonstration area of R & D funds accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 2.4%, the strategic emerging industry output value reached 682 billion 540 million yuan, accounting for 76.5% of the province. The new display of robots and national strategic emerging industry cluster development pilot effective, intelligent voice, new materials, new energy vehicles and a number of strategic emerging industrial cluster development base of rapid growth. With Anhui as a whole into the Yangtze River Delta, to further enhance the development of dynamic cooperation. From 2010 to 2015, the demonstration area has introduced billion yuan of foreign investment funds 2 trillion and 381 billion 750 million yuan, an average annual increase of 25.4%; the actual use of foreign direct investment $39 billion 960 million, an average annual increase of 21.4%. At the same time, demonstration area of urban residents per capita disposable income reached 29898 yuan, rural residents per capita disposable income reached 12486 yuan. The level of basic public services, employment, pension, health care, housing, education and culture and constantly improve, 2015 the number of new urban jobs 380 thousand. (commissioning editor Fan Xiaolin and Ma Lingling) 省外资本看好皖江潜力 皖江产业发展创业投资基金成立–安徽频道–人民网 据安徽商报报道 今年5月,由安徽与江苏合作打造的安徽高新皖江产业发展创业投资基金在合肥揭牌,总规模100亿元人民币,该基金成立将为皖江经济带企业提供金融支持,加速长三角一体化发展。 据悉,皖江产业发展基金定位为安徽省皖江经济带投资,将通过股权投资、兼并重组等方式,培育一批支柱产业和骨干企业,提升安徽产业整体核心竞争力。基金规模人民币100亿元,以安徽省投资集团、江苏省高科技投资集团、平安银行作为基石投资人。 该基金定位为安徽省皖江经济带投资,通过股权投资、兼并重组等方式,培育一批支柱产业和骨干企业。这意味着,皖江正在成为资本市场的焦点,财富正源源不断地注入皖江示范区。 资本青睐皖江,皆因皖江潜力不容小觑。皖江经济带是实施促进中部地区崛起战略的重点开发区域,是长三角地区的重要组成部分。经过6年多的努力,皖江示范区经济实力大幅提升,产业结构不断优化,创新能力日益增强,生态环境更加良好,人民生活水平明显提高。2015年,皖江示范区生产总值达到14639.3亿元,占全省比重超过66%。 更深层次的原因则是:皖江示范区正处在我省“调转促”的前沿,并已经成为安徽经济发展的主引擎。截至2015年底,皖江示范区研发经费占地区生产总值比重达到2.4%,战略性新兴产业产值达到6825.4亿元,占全省76.5%。新型显示和机器人国家战略性新兴产业集聚发展试点成效明显,智能语音、新材料、新能源汽车等一批战略性新兴产业集聚发展基地快速成长。 随着安徽整体纳入长三角,合作发展动力进一步增强。 2010年至2015年,示范区累计引进亿元以上省外投资项目到位资金23817.5亿元,年均增长25.4%;实际利用外商直接投资399.6亿美元,年均增长21.4%。 与此同时,示范区城镇常住居民人均可支配收入达到29898元,农村常住居民人均可支配收入达到12486元。就业、养老、医疗、住房、教育、文化等基本公共服务水平不断提高,2015年城镇新增就业人数38万人。 (责编:范晓琳、马玲玲)相关的主题文章:

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