Xu Weizhou served as the Asian animal fund Guan Aiyue bear spokesperson – Hunan Channel – people.com 放学我当家第三部

Xu Weizhou served as the Asian animal fund "Guan Aiyue bear" spokesperson – Hunan Channel – people.com.cn recently, popular idol Xu Weizhou as the Asian animal Fund (AAF) to protect bear project spokesperson, to Sichuan Longqiao bear rescue centre to visit the bears, under the leadership of the staff personally for their baby bear month preparing food, and call we wish the public welfare, "initiative, Guan Aiyue bear". Asian black bear is China’s two national animal protection, because there is a ring of chest born beautiful, Golden Crescent hair, and was affectionately known as "moon bear". Bear is internationally recognized as an endangered species, was "the endangered wildlife species Convention on international trade" (CITES) listed in Appendix A. With the rare animal known, such as the giant panda, Tibetan antelope, need attention and protection of threatened animal. At present in our country, the survival status of the bears is very worrying. Repeated illegal trade, deforestation caused by habitat fragmentation, as well as from the bile by industry and other reasons, let the population of wild bears is decreasing year by year. The scene, Xu Weizhou personally to bear their month to prepare food, apples, kiwi fruit and other foods rich in vitamin C food hidden in the full moon bear the regular activities of the tree holes, rock crevices. The first time close to see naive may bear, Xu Weizhou very excited, with a variety of mobile phone records next month bear. In the introduction of staff, Xu Weizhou understand the moon bear survival condition, to bear the plight he expressed deep concern, called for more people to care for the bears: "these black bear rescue back process is not easy, I think this is a need to adhere to treatment, with love what we need to accomplish this thing, if you have power, together to support the actions of protecting the right of black bear." The debut of less than one year, Xu Weizhou obtained a high degree of concern while also actively fulfill their social responsibilities, continue to the mass transfer of positive energy. Along the way, we see him support Yancheng disaster affected families, we initiated a charity fund to help the blind, called on fans to join public action, which is why AAF would choose him as the voice of reason: "invited Xu Weizhou as" a public fund, the Asian animal care bears "from the spokesperson, he has been enthusiastic about public welfare. Believe that under his influence, there will be more and more young people are keen on public welfare, pay attention to animal welfare." (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)

许魏洲担任亚洲动物基金“关爱月熊”代言人–湖南频道–人民网   近日,人气偶像许魏洲作为亚洲动物基金(AAF)保护月熊项目代言人,前往四川龙桥黑熊救护中心探访月熊,在工作人员的带领下亲手为月熊宝宝们准备了丰盛的食物,并发出呼吁,倡议大家“许愿公益,关爱月熊”。   亚洲黑熊是我国国家二级保护动物,因为胸前天生长有一圈美丽的金色、新月状毛发,又被大家亲切地称作“月熊”。月熊是国际公认的濒危物种,被《濒危野生动植物品种国际贸易公约》(CITES)列入附录一。与大家熟知的珍稀动物,诸如大熊猫、藏羚羊一样,是需要高度关注和保护的受威胁动物。目前在我国,月熊的生存现状非常令人担忧。屡禁不止的非法贸易、森林砍伐造成的栖息地碎片化、还有来自养熊取胆行业的利用等原因,都让野生月熊的种群数量逐年递减。   现场,许魏洲亲手为月熊宝宝们准备食物,将苹果、猕猴桃等富含满满维C的食物藏在了月熊经常活动的树洞、石头缝里。第一次近距离看到憨态可掬的月熊,许魏洲非常兴奋,用手机记录下月熊的各种姿态。在工作人员的介绍下,许魏洲深入了解了月熊的生存状况,对于月熊如今面临的困境他表示深深的担忧,呼吁更多人关爱月熊:“这些黑熊救助回来的过程真是很不容易,我觉得这是一件需要坚持、用爱心对待的事情,需要大家一起去完成这个事情,如果大家有力量的话,一起来支持黑熊保护的行动吧。”   出道未满一年,许魏洲在获得高关注度的同时也在积极履行着自己的社会责任,不断向大众传递着正能量。一路走来,我们看到他支援盐城风灾受灾家庭、倡导发起光爱助盲公益基金,号召粉丝们一起加入公益行动,这也正是AAF为何会选择他作为代言人的原因:“邀请许魏洲出任亚洲动物基金‘许愿公益,关爱月熊’代言人,源自他一直以来对公益事业的热心。相信在他的影响下,会有更多年轻人热衷公益事业,关注动物福利情况。” (责编:罗帅、陈沁星)相关的主题文章:

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